About Us

Timepiece Finder specializes in providing the utmost results when searching for authorized watch dealers. We take pride in making sure all dealers represented within our directory are backed by manufacture certification. All dealers provide our customers with value and opportunity for pleasant transactions. For that reason we encourage you to patronize with all listed retailers locally and internationally.

Our site works in a very simple and easy to use format. Customers looking to purchase a new watch would log onto www.timepiecefinder.com and search by the brand name they are looking to purchase. Once the search is completed, a list of authorized dealers carrying the brand will appear. The dealers contact information will be provided from the search results including their location, email, and telephone number. The next step is to simply call the dealer nearest to you or whichever looks best to you and allow them to help you find the watch of your dreams.

In today’s world we are all looking for the best deal, which means top quality. The only way to get such a great deal is to go directly through an authorized dealer who is going to sell you an authentic watch, safe transactions and authenticity is number one priority. Authorized dealers provide warranties on all of their pieces and this ensures a good buy.

Timepiece Finder is your search engine for authorized watch dealers worldwide.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments feel free to contact us - support@timepiecefinder.com